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Innovision 2k18

JSPM’s Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering,Tathwade,Pune is organizing National Level Technical Event on 15th and 16th February 2018 at JSPM’s Tathawade Campus. which gives an opportunity for the students to exhibit and witness innovative ideas. Innovision includes various activities such as Technical Paper presentation, Robotics, Model Making,Quiz, programming competitions, Business Plan Presentation and other events.


Event Programme

Engineering Science Events


This event tests your basic/general mechanical skills along with lots of fun.

Event Head: Shalaka Javheri (7038896185)

Mantle - Dismantle

This event tests your basic technique,technical knowledge,teamworkskills with lots of fun.

Event Head: Arvind Iyer (9011147931)

Poster Presentation

A poster is visual communication tool and key component which is usually a medium of ideas and results. The technical poster is nothing but showcasing a glimpse of the smart city by means of poster.

Event Head: Shreyas Bachal (8329026034)

E & TC Events

Techno Crack

Event Head: Sayali Ingle (7387363540)

Up N Amazing Project

Event Head: Fazal Kalasad (9028584417)

Drone Maniac

Event Head: Snehal Kale (8669150787)

Techno Thoughts

Event Head: Shekhar Lokare (8149369898)


Event Head: Neha Patil (7038881859)

IT Events

Darth Coder

Event Head: Harshada Ganvat (8149151879)

The Final Showdown

Event Head: Mrunal Shirke (8390320237)


Event Head: Priyanka Pujari (8087764306)

Placement Battleground

Event Head: Akash Bondarde (7038669609)


Event Head: Prajakta Thorat (8552942059)


Event Head: Maitreyi Muthya (8087566612)

TechStrike 1.6

Event Head: Rahul Yadav (7755990711)

Civil Events

Loki's Lair

We all know that Loki has one of the sharpest mind in all nine realms similarly in this event we are looking for the sharpest person. This event will test your brain power and overall skills. Let’s see if any of you have the potential to be like the GOD OF MISCHIEF.

Event Head: Amit Gadpallu (8411812941)

The Ultimate Engineer

Obstacles always arise in an engineer’s life, still none of these obstacles can stop an engineer from succeeding in life. An engineer’s life is always challenging because for an engineer there’s more than what meets the eye.

Event Head: Fazal Kalasad (9028584417)

Business Tycoon

Business tycoon is a platform where the participants shall explore themselves as entrepreneurs. Business tycoon will reveal the path to a perfect business plan.

Event Head: Abhishek Borate (8446407458)


In this event you have to translate your ideas into three dimensional reality. The only question is how well you can materialize your ideas.

Event Head: Prajakta Patil (9922640651)


A good speaker can transform a seminar from an ordinary event to a memorable experience. This session will test your knowledge in your desired field of study. It’s a great platform to present your research work.

Event Head: Sneha Singh (7350566598)


This event provides an unrivalled platform to encourage the creative ideas of the emerging engineers. This event aims at educating the public, sharing innovation and promoting progress.

Event Head: Shalaka Belekar (9922913620)

Computer Events


The objective of Datathon is to test the puzzle solving skills of the students using the provided data.This event Shows the importance of Data and its power in today's DATA-centric world .

Event Head: Abhishek Raj (7980468383)


The Objective of Web-Struct is to show their talent and creativity in the field of WEB-Designing. This event appreciates the Creativity Web-designers .

Event Head: Gulnarbanu Shaikh (7262845487)


The objective of Code Hash is to challenge students in developing their Logical thinking and apply it in the form of Algorithms and actually implementing their idea.

Event Head: Nishant Igave (9503809002)


The Objective of Mind Spark is to test the Aptitude,Accuracy,Sharpness, and Quickness in students in fun environment . It generates a spark of Technological awareness among the community.

Event Head: Mritunjay Tomar (7387391018)


The objective of Project Competition is to bring together young and enthusiastic students from Computer , IT and E&TC streams to give them a platform to showcase and share their Projects,ideas , problems and solutions.

Event Head: Jaikrishna Patil (9970133303)

Paper Presentation

The objective of Paper Presentation is to encourage students in all departments to do research in new emerging technologies and develop a skill in Presenting the same .

Event Head: Koyel Roy (8830982231)

Mechanical Events

Project Expo

world applications and underline the strong connection among student community. The project Expo is conducted with the below mentioned themes. Best projects will be rewarded based on the ‘regulations for competition’

Event Head: Roshan Patil (8805475637)

Model Making

Participants have to build the model according to given design. It is permitted to modify the model as per their own imagination to perform the given task. Model is to be built from the raw material provided to participants.

Event Head: Bhushan Thakur (8983144112)


Participants will have to drive their bot through designed track. They will be facing multiple obstacles and challenges on the track which needs to be tackled. Participants can bring their own bots or will be provided at the time of event.

Event Head: Akash Keste (9552518716)

Lathe War

This event tests your basic skills like turning, surface fininshing, and many operations on lathe machine.

Event Head: Aditya Magdum (9922640651)

Design Mania


Event Head: Ashish More (8407962795)

Paper Presenation

Paper Presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the audience. They see the way u present your topic, the way you put points, your presentation style, your language and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions.

Event Head: Sneha Mahajan (775789018)

MCA Events

Soft Model Making

Event Head: Suraj Kamble (8308781087)

Poster Presentation

Event Head: Vinayak Chopwad (8390143840)

Project Presenation

Event Head: Rasika Pashilkar (7276950067)

Seminar Presenation

Event Head: Rasika Pashilkar (7276950067)

MBA Events

Mock Stock

Event Head: Snehal Shinde (9881928887)

Start Up Plan

Event Head: Mohammed Zuber Chakoli (9960607179)

Case Study

Event Head: Sheenmaria Sunny (8796254202)

B Pharmacy Events

Pharma Crossword

Event Head: Ninad Sutar (90966908800)


Event Head: Aditya Nahar (9552525713)

D Pharmacy Events

Poster Presentation

Event Head: Amol Pandarge (8805046476)

The Paper Presentation

Event Head: Amol Pandarge (8805046476)

Model Making Competition

Event Head: Amol Pandarge (8805046476)

Ploytechnic Events

Paper Presentation

Event Head: Tarkesh Vhale (8796952019)

Technical Poster Presentation

Event Head: Tarkesh Vhale (8796952019)

Technical Quiz Competition

Event Head: Tarkesh Vhale (8796952019)

Suspension Bridge Making Competition

Event Head: Tarkesh Vhale (8796952019)

B.ED. Events

Impact of Social Media on Youngster

Event Head: Dr. krishna Bhadane (9922821438)

Women Empowerment

Event Head: Dr. krishna Bhadane (9922821438)

Vision 2020

Event Head: Dr. krishna Bhadane (9922821438)

JIMS Events

Movie Making

Event Head: Dr.Gorakh Wakhare (9823024237)

Street Play

Event Head: Dr.Gorakh Wakhare (9823024237)


Event Head: Dr.Gorakh Wakhare (9823024237)

Innovision Committee

Chief Patron

Dr. T.J. Sawant

Founder Secretary JSPM
MLC Maharastra State


Dr. P.P. Vitkar

Executive Director
Tathawade Campus


Dr. R.K. Jain


Organizing Committee

Prof.DR. R.S. Karale
Prof. S.S. Pimpale
Prof. S.P. Rao Borde
Prof.DR. D.M. Mate

Advisory Board

Prof.S.L. Bhilare
MR. Ravi Sawant
DR. Binod Kumar
Prof. A.S. Devasthali
DR. Priyanka Singh

Advisory Board

DR. M.M. Puri
DR. K.R. Khandelwal
DR. Ajay Kumar
Prof. P.P. Hambar
Prof. A.N. Dubey

Student Co-ordinator

Akshay Deshmukh
Praful Bhujbal
Purva Parab
Nikhil Telap
Ruturaj Shinde

Supporting Our Event

Event Sponsors

Venue and Info

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Survey No.80, Pune-Mumbai Bypass Highway, Tathawade, Pune, Maharashtra 411033


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